Bren Foster - the next Bruce Lee

BREN FOSTER: 'REAL" Action Star. Bren is a 9 time World Champion in 6 different martial art disciplines and a drama graduate of The University of Western Sydney" AKA Theater Nepean, famous for actors like Joel Edgerton. Unlike many action stars, Bren has competed and won full contact fights in Kickboxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Jujitsu and Taekwondo. When this guy throws down, you know he is not acting. Having honed his craft in Australian TV, film and theater, he was spotted by Hollywood, watch out for his upcoming movies! He holds *BLACK BELTS:: HAPKIDO, HWARANGDO, HAIDONG GUMDO, KICK BOXING(BLACK SHIRT), 6TH DAN BLACKBELT TAEKWONDO KUKKIWON CERTIFIED, *MUAY THAI KRU and is proficient in KUNG FU, BRAZILIAN JUJITSU, WRESTLING and BOXING. He is pretty handy with weapons: BO , GUM DO (SWORD), KNIFE, NUNCHAUKU, FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS( knife,stick, Filipino boxing) SUBSCRIBE to get more great videos Editor: Minhchau Nguyen


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