100 Man Fight (Official Movie Trailer)

Journey to the 100 Man Fight: The Judd Reid story In 2011, Judd Reid was invited by the World Kumite Organization (WKO) to attempt the 100 Man Kumite to be held in Japan on October 22nd at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. The 100 Man Kumite is an event steeped in tradition where a person attempts to fight 100 black belts consecutively for 1.5 minute rounds, taking almost 3.5 hours to complete. Very few people have ever attempted, let alone completed what must be the toughest mental and physical challenge in the world. Judd is the current WKO world heavyweight champion and the first foreigner to have completed the 1000 day "uchi deshi" live in student program in Tokyo, Japan under Kyokushin Karate Founder Sosai Mas Oyama from 1990-1993. Journey to the 100 Man Fight is a documentary that tells Judd's incredible story of life long dedication to martial arts and and his attempt at the 100 Man Kumite in the twilight of his fight career.
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