Drobyshevsky Karate System: CHINTE-Bunkai-4-First Elements-Kuro Obi Fight

Bunkai Chinte in Action! Kuro Obi Fight or Fight with a group of armed opponents. First elements of kata -Chinte Kamae, Double Tettsui-uchi, Kaishin, Tate Shuto Uke & Tate Tsuki for Lower and Upper Knife Defense, Stick Defense, Qinna Painful Holds, Weapon Disarm & Atemi. "No force can resist a pair of forces ... except a pair of forces." A.A. Kadochnikov Young people all the time asking me to show how to apply beautiful movements kata in a real fight. "What is more beautiful in the kata - the more cruel in reality" - I answer them. "Kata - do not dance, they increase your survival chance" - one of the basic tenets of KarateSystem. Higher kata therefore called Higher that gives you the techniques that small forces are doing great things in the combat! WARNING: Practice at your own risk! NONE of this is legal advice, you and you alone are reponsible for your own actions and the choices you make! AUTHOR BUNKAI & BUNKAI DEMO: Konstantin Drobyshevsky, Chief Instructor of KarateSystem: TORY ATTACKS: Semenov Dmitriy & Karlov Alexey, warrior of The KarateSystem. RUSSIA, the city of Vladimir, the School of Martial Arts: Elements of kata CHINTE performs Arakelyan Erik, Black Belt, 1 Dan. RUSSIA, the city of Vladimir, the School of Martial Arts: Karate - a great achievement of civilization, must reach their full potential for new followers and all his life faithfully serve him as a reliable means of self-defense. No need to go to other martial arts in search of a miracle of technology. In karate there is everything for an effective self-defense. All this is given to us by the Great Masters of the past. Our task is to reveal this potential and to bring to you. Karate Bunkai Kumite - open group on Facebook, joining in which you can get all the news on bunkai kata:
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