Balance & co-ordination CHALLENGE | Flexy Friday

BALANCE & co-ordination challenge: In this episode, we see Chloe taking us through some awesome balance and co-ordination challenges which are suitable for all abilities. We have 3 levels in which you can progress through. Check it out and see what variations you can do and which ones challenge you! These exercises are great for beginners - advanced. Dancers, Gymnasts, Martial Artists, Cheerleading, Acrobatics or any type of sports and fitness. Always remember to take these tips at your own pace, and not over do it. These tips are only to guide you, so please only do it to the best of your ability and ease into it daily. The more you practice, the easier it will become. Thank you for watching! SUBSCRIBE, RE-POST, RETWEET & SHARE! Twitter: @BruceSISTAZ @gracebruce @ChloeBruce_ Check out the girls channels: Intro Beat produced by: M.A.K **Please note** we do not take responsibility for injury or over stretching caused from watching these videos**


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